Welcome to the Swedish Mercantile Marine Foundation

The Foundation manages a substantial donations and subsidy fund for the benefit of seafarers in the Swedish shipping industry .  The Foundation’s goal is to encourage increased safety and contribute to measures that improve the quality of life onboard, but also to assist in maintaining the highest levels of research and education within the industry.

Every year we distribute a large number of financial rewards to seamen who have contributed to improving working and living conditions onboard.  Assistance and rewards are available for everything  from inventing tools for deck, engine or galley departments to measures for ensuring more comfortable cabins and dayrooms.
Last date to apply is 31 okober.

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“The Foundations aim is to offer assistance to individuals or relatives of individuals that are or have been active in the maritime industry and to actively promote the interests of seafarers.”

Excerpt from the Foundations articles.

Our book På stadig kurs. Can be found here.


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